Country Ma’am

Here’s a little food porn to brighten up your Monday. I don’t know about you, but I certainly need it!

These cookies (though not even nearly as big as their American cousins) are the Japanese take on big American cookies. In reality, each one is about as big as an Oreo.

They have quite a following and are by and large well-loved by the general public.

I had, however, only really seen the milk chocolate chip version reign supreme, but I may have caught a glimpse of the green tea and white chocolate chip version before.

I am certain that you can imagine the sheer joy and surprise I felt when I spotted the purple version during my trip to Nagasaki.

True to form, the Japanese have created a Kyushu limited edition version of the cookie, which contains the Kyushu sweet potato, for which the region is renowned. (There is also a sweet potato Kit Kat, and yes, it is purple).

(For those of you new to Japanese culture, each of the 47 prefectures boasts at least one thing it is famed for).

As I unwrapped the first one, I was a little disappointed. On the outside, it was not even remotely purple. Had I been deceived? But having decided not to let it get the better of me, I went in for kill and took a massive mouthful. I gazed at it gleefully. The inside was veritably purple. It had lived up to my expectations.

It wasn’t overly sweet or cloying in any way, and after a few seconds, the delectable flavour of the sweet potato manifests itself to the palate.

Mmmm, delish!

I am certainly looking forward with anticipation to the next time I go to Kyushu.


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