“You’re so Charlotte”

That’s what he said to me. A former friend’s gay co-worker, that is.

Obviously, he was referring to Charlotte York of Sex and the City fame.

Now, Charlotte is adorable and positive and kind and super pretty and proper and I am happy to be told that I remind someone of such a lovely character. I mean, wouldn’t it be just awful to be told you reminded someone of, oh I don’t know, Miranda Priestly (though in all fairness I am insanely jealous of her job)? My whole life, though, I have wanted to be cool and confident like Carrie, or sassy and sexy like Samantha. To be told I’m a Charlotte certainly shoots those ambitions down in flames. I suppose my innate, proper Englishness contributes to that somewhat, especially to North Americans.

I suppose my blogging side betrays a little Carrie, but let’s get real here – I will never be like Samantha, it just doesn’t come naturally to me, and even if I tried, my true nature eventually would eventually shine through. So perhaps I should just stop fighting and embrace my inner Charlotte – she is, after all, a super person.

Oh! I think I just did.

P.S. – I am so addicted. I have just blazed through the first four episodes of Sex and the City. Why did I not discover this awesomeness before?? Shame on me! But I am remedying the situation as we speak, so I believe I do deserve a little clemency after all.


2 thoughts on ““You’re so Charlotte”

  1. I was constantly told I was a Charlotte but, having only watched the movie version, didn’t fully appreciate what that meant. In January while recovering from an op, I devoured the entire of Sex and the City and came out the other end with the disturbing realisation that I am in reality much more Miranda than any of the others. It’s probably just the way other people see me that makes them think I’m Charlotte…I’m happy enough being a Miranda/Charlotte hybrid! 🙂

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