The Brazilian – Part 2

When Pedro and I first met…

Sorry. It’s getting old. I’ll stop now.

Actually, I’m not entirely sure why I’m doing a follow up post to My First Brazilian as I doubt anyone is interested, but just in case, here we go.

So, I enjoyed being fuzz free so much I decided to make like a bomba Latina and maintain the visits to the salon. I was far less embarrassed the second time around – I mean, yes it’s a very intimate position to find yourself in, feeling like your lady bits are exposed for all the world to see – but if you can go to the ob-gyn, this is not that much worse really.

I was still a little bit nervous about how much it would hurt though – oh I remember the eye-watering pain vividly!

But, to my surprise, the pain wasn’t even half as bad this time. Of course it still hurt, (What did you think? Ripping hot wax off your skin is going to be agony regardless of which body part it may be) but nothing like the first time (well, I guess you could technically say that of many things…). I know everyone says it, and I know my beautician kept telling me so as well, but come on, you wouldn’t really buy it would you? That’s like believing in the Tooth Fairy! As an added bonus, it was faster as well. Win-win.

I have already booked my next appointment, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of that.

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