Beauty in a Bottle

Go into any convenience store or pharmacy in Japan and you will see rows upon rows of these little vials stacked strategically in a corner.

The claims? Packed chock full of collagen, vitamin C, vitamin B6, niacin and, in the case of this one in particular, fiber – you know, all that good stuff said to make you more beautiful from the inside, out.

I cannot vouch for their efficacy in the beauty stakes, but having a vast array to choose from, Japanese women appear to swear by them. I usually drink them before bedtime when I’m feeling run down; I believe (rightly or wrongly) that the vitamin C gives me a boost to rise and shine enthusiastically and energetically the next day.

This new offering by Chocola BB is Orange and Mango flavour, and I think it’s quite tasty (but then again, I do like mangoes a lot). It is a bit fizzy, and leans more towards mango than orange. It’s a nice change, and does provide your taste buds with a bit of a kick – mine being confronted with gallons of tea day in day out, I’m sure they like being shaken and stirred a bit on occasion!

I highly doubt that I will be consuming it daily for its purported babelicious inducing qualities, but I will definitely be turning to it when I need that hit of vitamin C when I’m flagging at work (read – when it’s crazy marking time).

However, if I do find on waking tomorrow that I have suddenly turned into a superbabe, a stunning silver screen siren to rival all others, the quintessential vision of beauty evoked by poets across the ages, you can bet your… well, anything you like, that I will be swilling it every night with my dinner instead of a glass of wine! (Not that I actually do that, but I have considered it).

I’ve never been so excited to go to bed!

Good night!


3 thoughts on “Beauty in a Bottle

  1. Eating the actual 1.6 stalk of celery would mean the same amount of fiber and minus 14 grams of sugar… The thing, celery tastes of celery… Not orange and mango… Opmhhhh, will of steel. She says that, after a supper of butter slathered dumplings… :))

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