Recommended by Lisa Eldridge. Need I say more?

I launched myself at it in a frenzy and snatched it up as soon as I spied the pop-up shop in Ginza (gotta love pop-up shops!).

The tins come in a myriad of adorable designs, and the cream itself is lush.

It is light and quickly absorbed into the skin, not leaving that overly greasy film that can sometimes linger with other creams.

One of my pet hates is when you touch something shortly after slathering on any type of cream, and it slides out of your grasp. It’s enough to make your toes curl!

(It currently happens to me at work with whiteboard markers *shudder*, and don’t even get me started on my teenage years and the Armageddon-esque fights I used to have with my mother about the greasy TV remote control. Suffice to say she loves hand cream.)

The scent may seem a bit strong when you first scoop it out of the tin, but it does fade after a little while and is not noticeable – unless, of course, you are as weird as me and sniff your hands from time to time (I know, don’t ask). After some time has passed, it gives off an aromatic scent that feels natural and botanical, like it’s good for you.

The only downside (for me) is that they all have the same fragrance – unfortunately, one I have made repeated unsuccessful attempts to like – lavender. (I know right? How tragic is that? I don’t like rose scented cosmetics either – I just cannot handle anything Anna Sui at all.

I do not, however, intend to let such a minor thing stand in my way. As the smell does fade eventually, I can live with that. And I cannot wait to use the tin to store my bits and bobs (probably my earrings) in .

Bring it on, lavender STEAMCREAM!

And on another note, I may just have found my mother the perfect present for Mother’s Day! Score!

Look at it! How could I not buy it?


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