Ode to Green Tea Lattes

Starbucks’s amazing Matcha Latte – the divine harmony that I have come to not be able to make it through my working day without (that smacks of addiction just a touch; should I be worried?)

Those few minutes of respite when I can hustle to our nearest ‘Bucks and order my tall, non-fat, extra hot, matcha tea latte are the highlight of each and every working day.

That frothiness, the foam, the sweetness in the first sip with a hint of bitterness following hot on its heels – ooh – it’s heaven in a cup! A day spent without it is a sad day indeed.

Everyone needs some kind of pick me up after dealing with hormonal, lethargic, and angsty teenagers every day, and this is currently mine.

Yay, Starbucks!

And I would like to mention, at this point, that the Starbucks addiction in my staff room is not limited solely to me. Around 40% of my colleagues frequent our local Starbucks several times a workweek. What would Starbucks do without us? Or, more importantly, what would we do without Starbucks?

Here it is in all its glory – beautiful.


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