Free booze? Yes, please!

It was the discovery of the day, perhaps even the year so far.

As my friend and I wandered into Topman in Harajuku, we were approached by a friendly sales assistant who offered us both free beer – to drink as we leisurely perused the items in store.

What?? Why?? “It’s Fashion Friday,” he announced, beaming. So, you get free beer just for showing up, no strings attached (by that I mean no purchase necessary).

I don’t like beer so it doesn’t mean that much to me, but my friend was gobsmacked and over the moon (well he did get to drink two, so).

Does Topman do this in the UK too? Or is it a Japan only thing?

More importantly, when will Topshop start up the same thing and offer wine and champagne??

Come on Topshop!


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