My Newfound Passion

And I mean really new. Like, last week new. In my Head of Department’s words, I have become a rugby monster.

It all began with an innocent question on my part (and luckily for me, my Head of Department is always ready to oblige whenever I have a query).

“Who’s famous and a redhead? Like, not Ariel or the Weasleys. Real people, I mean,” I inquired.

“Rob Harley. He plays rugby for Scotland. Look,” Mr B motioned towards his computer screen.

“Wow, he’s hot!”

“You think he’s hot? You haven’t seen Leigh Halfpenny!”

And the rest is history.

I’d like you to take a step back for a moment, pause, and gaze intently at this picture.


Just look at him.

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, would do anything for that face.

This is where, by the way, I intend to spam you with several photos of him, so if you have been put off by this point, and do not wish to admire with me this Adonis, please look away now.





At the risk of being called a traitor to my country (thank goodness being hanged, drawn and quartered went out of fashion a long time ago!), I shall shout from the rooftops my joy at Wales winning the Six Nations Cup or, rather, my joy at Leigh Halfpenny winning the Six Nations Cup.

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