Boys and Boobs

So, I never really noticed this before becoming a secondary school teacher (call me naïve if you like) but, I never realised how much boys look at boobs! Well, my boys and my boobs in particular, and boys of all ages: 8th graders all the way up to 11th graders! And even then I only notice because I’m actually looking into their EYES when I’m talking to them.

I mean, I don’t mind, not in the least. Hell, if they’re going to look at boobs they might as well look at mine, because I like my boobs a lot and I think they’re quite nice, and they aren’t going to be that way forever, so my students may as well make the most of them. And being in Japan, they may be some of the biggest a number of the lads will ever come across, so by all means, go ahead and look, and more importantly, enjoy. But this has made me realise that perhaps it really is an involuntary reaction (in which case there’s no point being upset). And this led me to wonder, well, when do boys stop looking at boobs? And then I thought of my colleague, the biology teacher (who does sometimes lecherously tell me (and other female co-workers) that he can see down to my bellybutton or remark that I’m wearing a nice top, (but only when he can cop an eyeful (are brackets within brackets allowed? And as these are brackets within brackets within brackets, it’s all positively Inception-esque! Here’s hoping Leo will pop out from some deep, dark hidden recesses of… something ) ), and realised I had the answer right in front of me – never.

And here I was thinking it was all some myth made up by Cosmo.

It’s nice when you learn life lessons from your students!

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