It’s Sakura Time

Out with the red, in with the pink. Ichigo is out, sakura is in.

Spring is approaching in leaps and bounds. I can safely say this because my crazy sensitive skin is acting up, as it does whenever there is a change of season. But this is corroborated even more by the fact that everything in the shops is now cherry blossom pink (or contains cherry blossoms).

If there’s anything the Japanese do amazingly well, it’s seasonal. Each season and event has its time, and something that heralds the coming of spring in Japan more than anything else is Starbucks. Yes, you read correctly – Starbucks.

As soon as the tolling bells signal the end of Valentine’s Day, Starbucks workers, like little elves, busy themselves with the next season at hand – spring. All of the limited edition sakura mugs, thermoses, cookies, cakes and macarons come out of hibernation for a month. After Christmas and Valentine’s Day, it is their time to shine.

I keep meaning to buy a Starbucks sakura mug every year… and never do. Twenty thirteen will be the year I do! Once I’ve crossed that off my list, all that will be left to do to enjoy the season is Hanami in the Park.


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