In spite of Japan possibly being one of the most inconvenient places for baking in the world (oh all right, I can think of several countries with far worse facilities, but you know what I mean), I have, over the past two years, become a veritable aficionado of the aforementioned art form – and an art it is, though not the way I do it, ha ha. More often than not, whatever emerges from the oven looks absolutely nothing like the stunning photographs on the website, which can be rather disheartening. Taste is never sacrificed though, and I surely must extend thanks to my darling colleagues, who devour everything every time and shower me with compliments. That said, I do believe that teachers will eat anything edible that is on display in the teacher’s room – it’s like, a law of the universe or something …

Anyhow, a domestic goddess I am not, but I do enjoy a little bit of baking once in a while. On a day off once I was feeling so blue, but after whipping up a batch of Katharine Hepburn’s brownies, I felt like a leading lady and was ready to strut along the red carpet with the best of the glamorous silver screen sirens. It remains, one of the most meditative experiences I can undertake (until of course, the moment where I start running around in a flap and panic because it does NOT look like it’s supposed to, but we shall ignore that and move on, ahem). It also provides a host of amusing anecdotes, the most dramatic of mine being the omission of a key ingredient, resulting in an exploding cake – exciting stuff!

And just a side note: Today being Valentine’s Day, in keeping with the Japanese tradition of girls giving handmade chocolates or baked goods to guys (either because they like them or by obligation), my male co-workers had Chocolate Crinkle Cookies awaiting them when they waltzed in to work this morning, the lucky guys!

Spread the baked goodies, spread the love!

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