Doomsday… oops… V Day

It’s here. That day. Do I dare? I might as well; it’s looming over us all like the sword of Damocles. Valentine’s Day. There, I said it. Rejoice or shudder. Your choice.

I have never liked V Day. In the UK, many moons ago, I unluckily happened to be browsing the aisles of Clinton Cards for a friend’s birthday card at this very time of year. I would like you, the reader, to step back and picture this scene for a moment. Cute, cuddly, fuzzy wuzzy teddy bears clutter the shelves, balloons hover proudly, displaying their sappy messages for one and all to see, and a vast array of cards gleam in the harsh, artificial light; all of this drowning in a sea of red. At this very moment, Whitney Houston launched into her one and only, that classic, “I will always love you.” I nearly threw up in my mouth a little. In fact, I probably did. Either way I couldn’t have sprinted out of there faster than if I had had that horrid, ugly white orc from “The Hobbit” after me.

But this is before Japan, and more precisely, before my time teaching at my current school. After Valentine’s Day 2012, I can safely say, Valentine’s Day rocks! I have never received so many chocolates in my life! Fifteen, to be exact! Although, as only men are supposed to receive chocolates on that day I’m not entirely sure whether I should indeed be happy about that or not, but I am! It was the most marvellous feeling in the world: the soft knock at the door, the dulcet tones asking for Ms. H, the proffering of handmade goodies. It made my heart pound just a little, and it was almost like being confessed to! The most exciting part for me was planning what to give back for White Day, and give back I did: honey cupcakes. They went down a storm if I do say so myself.

Even if Valentine’s Day this year is not nearly as wonderful as it was last year, it will remain a memory to cherish forever. Unless I get Alzheimer’s in my old age, in which case I shan’t remember very much and it won’t matter. Ha!

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